Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Sweets for this Hobbit

Last night my friends threw a Hobbit DVD release costume party (yep... you read that correctly, and yes, most people dressed up). That's how my friends roll, it's one of the many things I love about my friends. Aside from the awesome costumes, there was TONS of food! White chocolate tarts, punch (spiked and unspiked), wine, buttered biscuits, stew, cookies, hand pies... so much food, so little time. But this hobbit was strong and resisted all those wonderful temptations. I came prepared. I brought smoked wild Alaskan salmon, prosciutto wrapped melon, plantain chips, and sparkling water. I enjoyed the company and didn't waste time focusing on food I couldn't have.

It was so awesome to see some friends I rarely get to see since moving to the middle of Maine. After a couple hours of mingling and chatting we watched the movie (projected on a curtain screen). We ended the night with a trivia contest (I won!) and announcing the winner for best costume.

Just to prove this REALLY happened.

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