Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Run Tip: Don't Run After Eating Dinner

It was 6:30 pm and I'd already come up with a zillion reasons why I couldn't or wouldn't get my scheduled run in for the day. I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new bike, I just ate dinner, it was going to get dark soon, etc. In an effort not to feel like a total slug I decided to head to the Rail Trail to take a nice walk.

Of course, when I got to the Rail Trail I couldn't help but run. The first mile was rough, I felt my dinner sit like a rock in my gut. Taco casserole was probably NOT the best choice. As I completed mile 1 I felt my dinner starting to rebel so I took a quick walk break. The rebellion quickly retreated and I decided to continue on at a slightly scaled back pace.

Over the next mile I had to take 3 more quick walk breaks as the rebellion threatened, only this time it was threatening to evacuate via tow routes (you can probably guess what the two options were).

I plodded along, paying close attention to my gut instincts (pun TOTALLY intended) and completed my 3 miles. I've decided I will count this as my easy 3-miler for the week.


Jen said...

Have you gotten your bike yet? By the way, I nominated you A Lovely Blog Award. See my post!

Tara M said...

I am still anxiously awaiting. I took it to Tom's Bike Boutique in Winthrop so he could do his magic but he's swamped. HOPING to get it in time for the weekend. Thank you so much for the nomination, that is so thoughtful:) I really need to post more often though lol!