Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcycle an Old T-Shirt

If you're anything like me you probably have a closet (or at least a drawer) full of old t-shirts that are stretched out, stained, threadbare, etc., but you just can't get rid of them. Well DON'T!! Make a tube scarf in less than 15 minutes with no sewing involved!

Go from this:
To this:

Scarves are the "it" accessory these days, so fill your closet with every color under the rainbow and dress up any outfit!

1. Choose your tee. Women's tees with a tapered fit are awesome because the tubes are automatically varied in length. Even tees with prints will work for a fun variation.

2. Lay the tee out flat on a hard surface (like a counter top or table).

3. Cut the hemmed edge off the bottom of the tee.

4. Cut strips (going horizontally, from side to side) to form loops or tubes. Try cutting them varying widths (mine were anywhere from 3/4" to 1.5" wide). When you get almost to the armpit you can stop cutting.

5. Stretch the tubes out firmly (but not too hard, you don't want to break them). IF you break one it's no big deal if it tears at the seam just tie it back together. The edges will automatically curl on themselves. Save one tube to use to tie them all together.

6. Double up each tube, aligning the seams.

7. Cut the saved tube at either seam (making one long strip). Tie the strip around all the tubes just outside the seam then wrap the strip tightly around the seam area (to hide them).

8. Once the seams are hidden tie off and tuck any remaining strip into the wrapped area.


Let me know if you have any questions and let me know how your scarf turns out!!

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