Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tag.. I'm It!

I've been tagged. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing. But apparently other bloggers (usually folks you follow, I'm assuming) will tag you by sending you some questions. You answer the questions and come up with some questions of your own for folks you tag and so on. I was tagged by Jen at Running with the Girls. So, without further ado...

the rules:
1. you must post the rules
2. post 11 fun facts about yourself
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 11 new questions for the people you tagged
4. tag people and link to them on your post
5. let them know you’ve tagged them

11 Things you probably didn't know about me:

1. I'm a HUGE animal lover. No joke, many (most?) people would argue I like animals more than people. Many (most?) people would be right. Especially dogs.

2. I've recently gone vegan. I started out going vegetarian about a year ago (since I didn't eat much meat anyway) and cut out dairy and eggs in December. The only thing I really miss is sushi. So far so good.

3. I love beer. Dark beer. My beer motto is: don't drink beer you can see through.

4. I started running July 2010 as a way to prove to myself that I was overweight, not DEAD! I'm continually amazed by what the human body is capable of.

5. It took me 13 years to complete my first bachelors degree. I'm working on my second, this one should only take me 3 years.

6. I got married on 11/23/11... because who doesn't get married on a Wednesday morning... on the day before Thanksgiving... in Ohio?

7. I have a secret desire to be a farmer and live off the land, but I have little to no ability to make things grow.

8. I was the 5th grade jump roping champion at Nathan Clifford Elementary School.

9. I played goalie in field hockey from 7th grade through my freshman year in college. We made it to the NCAA Div. III championships.

10. I have a dream to complete a full marathon by the time I'm 40... which means I need to do it this year!

11. I love NFL football. I have played fantasy football for over 7 years.

Jen’s questions for my lucky tagged friends....
  1. What is the best vacation you have ever taken?   I can't think of a specific one, but I remember family camping trips from when I was a little kid and they were awesome.
  2. What is your favorite post exercise food?  I don't usually have much appetite right after a work out, but I'll sometimes grab a cinnamon raisen bagel with PB.
  3. Why do you run? Because I can, and that alone amazes me sometimes.
  4. What is the food you could not live without? dark chocolate.
  5. Describe your most favorite race. The one where I PR!
  6. Describe your most horrible race.  The one where every step is a struggle, and it's WINDY!
  7. What is the farthest place you’ve traveled to? I took a trip to South Lake Tahoe a few years ago with friends from an outing club. I mostly snowshoed and drank wine.
  8. Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla? Chocolate if it's frosting, Strawberry if it's a shake, and Vanilla if it's soft serve ice cream.
  9. Favorite pre-race meal? Coffee.
  10. Do you cross train and what specifically? I do 1-2 boot camp style classes a week (at Kennebec Valley Coaching), and yoga (Bikram or Iyengar) as often as I can.
  11. Do you taper for races and do you go crazy? I haven't run anything long enough to need to taper. But I'm registered for my first 1/2 marathon April 7th. My guess is that I'll take and go insane.

Tara's Questions for my Friends:
  1.  If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
  2. When you were 18 what did you plan to do "when you grew up"?
  3. Who is the most influential person in your life and why?
  4. Ocean, Lake, or River?
  5. Mountains, Forests, Deserts, or Tundra?
  6. When did you start running and why?
  7. Best job you've ever had?
  8. "My life would be complete if _______"
  9. Favorite fairy tale?
  10. If you could be anything in the world (regardless of money, education, talent, etc. needed to do it) what would you do?
  11. What do you do to motivate yourself on those days when you just don't want to run?
Amy @ Run Muffin


Jen said...

Thank you for responding! I love dark chocolate and I guess I'll be seeing you at the Race the Runways 1/2!

Tara said...

I'm nervous and excited for my first 1/2!! February streak will be a good way to build endurance and keep my mind OFF the impending race lol!