Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tightening the Belt

I stumbled upon a blog that had this great idea called Project: Food Budget and I thought, "that's such a great idea"! I've been trying to get control of what we're spending to see where we can economize and food is our biggest monthly expense (other than the mortgage). I would like to keep our weekly food budget to $100. This may sound like a lot for two people to some folks, but we have a few obstacles. My fiance is a carnivore to the extreme, I am a (budding) vegetarian. So I basically make 2 versions of dinner each night I cook (which is most nights). My DHTB (dear hubby to-be) also has a soda and energy drink addiction; addiction may be a strong term... he assures me he could quit any time. Now there are a couple things that I may buy at the grocery store, but that aren't counted in the weekly grocery bill like vitamins and dog food.

I usually grocery shop on the weekends, so I will save my receipts from this weekend (as well as any weekday trips) and post on Thursdays as to how it all works out. I plan to do this for at least a month, but I'll go as long as it takes for us to get to our budget!

How do you think your grocery shopping habits stack up against the average family? Do you have any money saving tips? Feel free to leave helpful hints in my comments!

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