Saturday, April 2, 2011

Banana Splits for Breakfast?

I love weekend mornings because they are completely unscripted. I woke up early today (4:30 am... too early) and spent the early hours of the morning surfing the web (I've become addicted to Stumble Upon). Since there was tons of freshly fallen snow outside (thanks to a cruel April Fool's Day joke by Mother Nature), I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get my run in today (which is pretty much the story of my running life this week). So I decided to take a yoga class and ease back into exercise reality.

I love this yoga class (it's at The River Studio in Hallowell). This was much needed therapy after an emotional and crappy week. I love the atmosphere at the studio, I relax as soon as I walk in the door. The yoga space is gorgeous, with lots of natural light and warm wood, overlooking the Kennebec River. After 90 minutes of Iyengar yoga I feel like a new woman, ready to take on the world. I'm also famished!

I don't generally eat breakfast before yoga class, so by the time class is over I'm starving. I contemplated going to Slate's bakery since I was already in Hallowell, but in the interest of being frugal I decided to head home and make a french press and have breakfast at home. My go-to breakfast is a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter and orange marmalade, but today I was craving something different. I remembered seeing a recipe on a blog for breakfast banana splits, and lucky for me I had all the ingredients on hand! Don't be afraid, it sounds like an odd combo but it's really tasty!

low fat cottage cheese, 1 cup
low sugar orange marmalade, 1T
low sugar strawberry or raspberry jam, 1T
raw almonds, 2T
cinnamon, sprinkle to taste

Cut the banana in half and place in a bowl. Top with remaining ingredients in order listed. Enjoy!!

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