Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!

Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor. As I sit here typing I'm watching snowflakes as big as snowballs fly around outside my window, accumulating at breakneck speed. However, all is not lost, I have the day off (I work for the State and all offices are shut down today due to the weather). I should be catching up on my reading assignments for my American Government class. I could be doing laundry. But I've decided to create a blog instead.

It seems as though I've been experiencing a lot of changes recently. Last year my boyfriend and I bought a house and moved in together, I had a job change shortly thereafter, my parents moved 1,500 miles away, one of my best friends moved 800 miles away, I went back to school to get a second degree, and I got engaged (just to name a few things). So in hopes of making sense of the everchanging nature of my life I've decided to blog about it for all (or at least all those who choose) to read. I hope to learn somethings about myself (as well as reveal some things about myself that others may not have known).


gugiebug83 said...

Tara you're the best :) I talked to Rhonda and we were wondering if we could visit you maybe the weekend of the 20th or so in May :) (when she'll be done with her class)

Tara said...

Yes! Ab-so-fricken-lutely!!